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Senior Adult Falls Risk & Exercise Program

Thanks to the ACT Government’s Healthy Canberra Grants aiming to Reconnect with Priority Populations, COTA ACT is offering a limited number of free* falls risk assessments to identify risks of falling in older adults. This program will provide information and referrals to promote active ageing for older Canberrans. 

With this funding, COTA ACT is able to provide these falls risk assessments along with promoting the assessments through our network of Strength for Life providers throughout the ACT. This funding also assists COTA ACT in expanding its online library of practical exercise videos that will be made available in early 2024. 

*Falls Risk Assessments available at a cost once limit of free assessments are reached.

What is a Falls Risk Assessment?

The Fallscreen© risk calculator is a single assessment of vision, peripheral sensation, lower limb strength, reaction time and body sway.

A computer software program assess each person’s performance in relation to the normative database complied from large population studies. The program produces a falls risk assessment report for each person which includes the following four components:

• a graph indicating the person’s overall falls risk score,
• a profile of individual test performance results,
• a table indicating individual test performances in relation to age-matched norms,
• a written report which explains the results and makes recommendations and referrals to a health professional or appropriate strength and balance program.

The assessment takes up to 30 minutes to complete, and results are available within one week of the assessment. Assessments are conducted at the Hughes Community Centre and on occasion at licensed Strength for Life provider locations. Please call 02 6282 3777 or email

Who qualifies for a falls risk assessment?

To book a falls risk assessment, you don’t need a referral from your GP. You will chat to our friendly Strength for Life coordinator to discuss your current overall exercise and wellness routines as well as discuss any falls you have had in the past (if any). 

This program aims to reach people over the age of 50 from various levels of fitness to determine:

  1. Their risk of falling with an overall score, which will help a person understand their score in relation the standard risk of falling as we age
  2. What steps can be taken to improve or maintain their level of risk
  3. How to appropriately and safely adapt their physical activities based on their score
  4. Assess what exercise program is appropriate for them

Contact us today to book your assessment