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Advance Yourself: National Wills Week 2023

Advance yourself: The importance of preparing your will at any age

The ACT is participating in the inaugural National Wills Week 2023 from 11-17 September 2023.

Learn more about how the ACT Public Trustee and Guardian can help you with wills and estate planning. (Wills – Public Trustee and Guardian (

Find out more about National Wills Week 2023 on the Justice and Community Safety website. (

Authorised by Aaron Hughes, ACT Public Trustee and Guardian, Justice and Community Safety

Some facts about wills you might not know

  • A significant number of persons who die in Australia each year, do so without having left a Will.
  • Many Wills drawn up during a person’s lifetime do not reflect the testator’s current wishes.
  • Many people incorrectly believe that Wills are necessary only for the wealthy.
  • Making a Will is not an expensive process.
  • Your assets may be worth more than you realise.

Why choose the Public Trustee and Guardian?

The Public Trustee and Guardian can prepare your Will only where nominated as the Executor to administer your estate.
The different circumstances and needs of individuals are paramount to the Public Trustee and Guardian in the preparation of Wills.
Will-making is a specialised task with complex financial, legal and tax implications that should be considered to ensure that your estate is distributed as you wish.
Given the importance of this document, it is vital that it is prepared by an expert who is supported by legal, accounting, taxation and investment professionals.

The Public Trustee and Guardian has:

  • prepared over 12,000 Wills and prepares around 750 – 800 Wills each year;
  • over 30 years experience in the preparation of Wills for residents of Canberra;
  • low fees for the preparation of Wills;
  • the expertise to offer objective and impartial advice that may help avoid any potential conflict and ensure the most effective distribution of assets.
  • perpetuity; and
  • the certainty of retaining your original Will safely and securely until required.