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Annual General Meeting outcomes and Annual Snapshot

On the 29th of November 2023, we celebrated our Annual General Meeting with board members, staff, COTA members and friends. Thank you to everyone who joined us.

Our Annual Snapshot for 2022-23 is available now. You can catch up on everything we did this past year by viewing our digital version here

Minister Emma Davidson MLA was unable to attend, however provided us with some inspiring final words for the year on the achievements of our organisation within the ACT community:

We felt honoured to welcome Nicole Lawder MLA and the CEO of COTA Australia, Patricia Sparrow, who spoke on the tremendous impact of COTA on older Australians, nationally and statewide. 

President’s report

Chander Khera, the President of COTA ACT, spoke on the president’s report for this last financial year with optimism for the future as he announced his stepping down from the position.

“2022-2023 saw a significant focus was on communication and membership participation. The COTA ACT website was revamped and newsletters continue to provide targeted information to members. Midweek Matters involving supporters and sponsors of COTA ACT were highly popular. The focus on communication has resulted in an increased in participation in programs and memberships.

A search to find a suitable location to open an office on the Northside is still ongoing and this will be a focus of the Board for 2024. COTA at the Libraries and other community outreach helped to reach those living on Northside and will continue until a suitable location is confirmed.” Chander says.

Annual Snapshot and our year at COTA in Hughes

COTA ACT Chief Executive Officer, Jenny Mobbs, presented the COTA ACT Annual Snapshot:

”2023 celebrated 50 years of COTA ACT, an immense milestone for our organisation. Thank you to Chander Khera who has chaired the COTA ACT board for a number of years, Rick Lord who has been a part of COTA ACT for many years, the COTA ACT Board for their support, and our Sponsors – without whom events would be possible, including the hugely successful ACT Seniors Expo.

Thank you to our COTA ACT volunteers – including on the front desk, who issue thousands of ACT Seniors Cards, in libraries each week and through the Get IT program.

The ACT Seniors Card program has increased in popularity and use over the year, mainly due to people being more comfortable being out and about on public transport.

The past financial year has seen COTA work in a range of projects. The Aged Care Navigator trial brought many people into COTA ACT, with the contract finishing at the end of 2022. A new program – an aged care support program with a focus on housing still remains a main reason for people to come into the office.

There is continued promotion of health and wellbeing of older Canberrans – including Strength for Life and other programs that bring people into the community centre for people to find friends and connection.”

Election of new Board Members

During this financial year, Eric Chalmers resigned due to personal reasons, and Chander Khera will be stepping down from November 2023. 

Elizabeth Jolley has been reappointed to the board for a further two years. Gayle Morrison, Geoff Buchanan and Damien Jennings will continue in their role on the Board.

Congratulations are in order for two new members who were nominated to the board – Chin Wong and Alaister Bevan. 

Please let us know what you would like to see from COTA ACT in 2024 via our end of year survey: