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Add your COTA ACT membership card to your digital wallet

Did you know that you can access a digital membership card for your COTA ACT membership?

You can add your card to your phone wallet (for phones that have that functionality) and easily access it should you need it. 

How to add your card to your wallet

  1. Access your membership confirmation email (the email that was sent to you after you joined or renewed your membership). There will be an attachment to this email.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the email and click on the attachment. 

3. Open the attachment (please note: you need to have a phone wallet set up to open this – for android users you will need to download a wallet from the Google Play Store). 

4. Click “add” to add to your wallet.

5. You can then open the wallet when you want to access your card.

Need assistance?

If you can’t find your email with your digital membership card you can call the COTA ACT office and we can resend the card to you.

If you need further support in adding your card to wallet you can make an appointment with our GET IT program and one of our friendly digital mentors can assist you.

Please note: COTA ACT membership cards are not required to access any of our services or events – they are an additional option for those who would like them.

For those who aren’t comfortable with a digital card and want a physical card – you can pop into the COTA ACT office and our friendly team will create one for you.