Seniors Card Discount Directory

ACT Seniors Card holders are eligible for a number of discounts and concessions on a range of goods and services.



The ACT Seniors Spectacles Scheme provides eligible ACT residents a $35 rebate towards the cost of spectacles every two years. Read more about eligibility and how to claim this concession.

Please note:  The Seniors Spectacles Scheme will be abolished from 1 July 2018. 


Holders of ACT Seniors Cards are entitled to 10% discount on registration. This means that you pay 10% less on the cost of the registration component but must pay the full fee for compulsory third party insurance, road rescue fee, road safety contribution and short term registration surcharge if applicable.

Seniors with gas or electric powered vehicles are entitled to 28% discount on registration. If the registered vehicle is gas or electric powered, this means that you pay 28% less on the cost of the registration component but must pay the full fee for compulsory third party insurance, road rescue fee, road safety contribution and short term registration surcharge if applicable.

To claim a seniors concession on your vehicles registration you must present a current and valid ACT Seniors Card and primary proof of identity to an Access Canberra Service Centre or Shopfront. The concession can only be provided to the card holder. A concession can only be applied to one light vehicle registration in the card holder's name.

Read more from Access Canberra.



As part of a 12 month trial (commencing Saturday 14 January 2017) , eligible senior and concession holders who travel using MyWay will be able to take advantage of this initiative during stated Transport Canberra off peak travel times which are: between 9am - 4.30pm and after 6pm weekdays and all day Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays. To take advantage of free travel you will require a positive balance on your MyWay card and will need to tap on and tap off the bus correctly using MyWay during the stated off peak periods. Failure to tap off correctly will result in passengers being charged the default fare. Your journey must commence by MyWay tap on, during the off peak period.

MyWay concession fares

Peak single trip: $1.53

Weekday cap: $4.60

Default fare charge (failure to tap off): $0.87

ACTION Gold Card holders or seniors over 70 with a seniors/MyWay card are entitled to free travel on ACTION buses.

Read more about concession travel on the ACTION Bus network here.

ACT Seniors Card holders may be eligible for concession travel on interstate transport. 

Information on Senior’s transport concessions in other States and Territories around Australia can be found on the following websites.

ACT is the first jurisdiction to link with NSW Opal Card. Your ACT Seniors Card number is uniquely linked to your NSW Opal Card which allows ACT Seniors Card holders access to concessional fares in NSW. For more information on applying for a Gold Opal Card please click here.



ACT Seniors can apply for an Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal Card online ( or by calling Opal on 13 67 25.

Transport Canberra has partnered with Transport NSW to automatically validate ACT seniors' eligibility for concession travel in NSW. Transport NSW has also removed the 60 day expiry on ACT seniors' Gold Opal Cards.

How to apply

ACT seniors no long have to apply using paper-based application forms for a Gold Opal Card. Apply by visiting: or call Opal on 13 67 25.

What do ACT Seniors Card holders need before they apply?

To complete your application you will need:

  • First and last name exactly as Transport Canberra has them on file
  • Date of birth
  • Seniors Card identification number.

You can’t get your a Gold Opal card at a retailer. Applications a Gold Opal card (for ACT Seniors Card holders) holders must be made online, or over the phone and will be mailed to your nominated address. Please apply for your Gold Opal Card two weeks before you intend to travel.


The ACT Seniors Card Discount Directory is a biennial publication that lists hundreds of discounts on goods and services by organisations and businesses. The ACT Seniors Card website is constantly updating with new discounts. To be aware of new discounts being offered to ACT Seniors Card holders make sure your email address is up to date so you receive our quarterly e-news, the Seniors Card Scoop

Hardcopies of the 2017-19 ACT Seniors Card Discount Directory is now available from any Access Canberra Service Centre or ACT public library. 

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ACT Seniors Card Directory is also available to download or view on-line at: 

COTA ACT manages the ACT Seniors Card and Seniors Card Discount Directory on behalf of the ACT Government. The ACT Seniors Card Discount Directory is a book that lists hundreds of savings from businesses available to Seniors Card holders.  You can pick up a copy of the ACT Seniors Card Discount Directory from Access Canberra Service Centres, ACT public libraries or the COTA ACT office. 

The ACT Seniors Card Discount  Directory is also available to download or view on-line at: 
Who can become an ACT Seniors Card Participating Business?
Any business or service with a sound reputation, and with an Australian Business Number (ABN) or Australian Company Number (ACN) can participate. ACT Seniors Card requires a minimum discount offer of 5%.
For more information about being included please contact our Seniors Card Director Manager via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit
COTA ACT has acted in good faith in publishing these concessions and discounts, but cannot in any way guarantee the accuracy of the information. COTA ACT is reliant on the good faith of the people and business providing us with the information. Current as at November 2017.



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