COTA ACT is Recruiting New Members for its Policy Committee

COTA ACT is looking for enthusiastic, engaged individuals to join our Policy Committee. We seek candidates with a range of skills.

Policy Committee members need to be motivated to share COTA ACT's values and aims about promoting seniors’ needs & rights in the ACT community. We seek to empower ACT seniors to play a greater role in influencing their lifestyles and future wellbeing as ACT residents. 

We want to deliver high quality services that are tailored to individuals' needs throughout the ageing spectrum. A good policy & research base is essential for this to happen. We're also working to diversify COTA ACT to effectively represent all areas of the ageing journey. Important populations for COTA ACT include people over 50, those that experience marginalisation in our community, those that have specific needs or simply those who require a stronger voice.

About the Policy Committee
The COTA ACT Policy Committee meets monthly, for 2 hours, at our offices in the Hughes Community Centre.

Committee members are elected for a 1-year terms commencing at the start of each calendar year. The Committee can co-opt individuals to the committee for shorter terms for a specific purpose or to represent specific issues on an ad-hoc basis. The Committee is responsible for overall management of a research program and will divide its activities, on a bi-monthly basis, into policy and research topics.

We are keen to bring on new members who can contribute energy, commitment and ideas. We are seeking appropriate expertise, contacts and research skills to advise on new and productive methods of engagement with others servicing the seniors’ community.

Next Steps
If you want more information or wish to talk about this opportunity, please get in touch with COTA ACT CEO Jenny Mobbs on 6282 3777, or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

You can register your interest by emailing details why you would like to be involved in contributing to COTA ACT, and what you would bring to the Policy Committee. Please attach your CV. Please submit by 20 December 2016.




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